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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Manifest: man·​i·​fest | \ ˈma-nə-ˌfest \ Adjective: Readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight: Easily understood or recognized by the mind : OBVIOUS. Verb: To make evident or certain by showing or displaying. Noun: A list of passengers or an invoice of cargo for a vehicle (such as a ship or plane)

Welcome to the first issue of THE CONSERVATIVE MANIFEST (THE MANIFEST), a monthly publication of the AMMO-CAN COFFEE SOCIAL CLUB (ACCSC).

THE MANIFEST is a free platform for members to promote, share and learn about conservative issues, ideals and thought.

ACCSC members are encouraged to submit original written works or “Manifest Memos,” for inclusion in the monthly MANIFEST. ACCSC reserves final editorial oversight and submission approval authority.

Manifest Memos may include cartoons, essays, illustrations, limericks, poetry, prose, opines, satires and works of art.

All submissions must be original creations of the contributor, or the collaborative work of several parties. Works must be submitted with the creator’s name, and may be published under the contributor’s name, or at the contributor’s request, under an anonymous pen name.

Submissions referencing the work of another person or publisher, whether that material is covered by copyright or not, must contain attribution citing where the information was obtained.

Manifest Memos are the views or opinions of their creator and may not necessarily reflect those of ACCSC owners or staff. All submission must aim to build, promote, and preserve contemporary conservative community and culture.

Suggested focus areas for submissions include: Faith, Family, Friendship, Free Enterprise and Knowledge

THE MANIFEST also includes notices of exclusive ACCSC member events, and a list of Conservative Business Alliance Partners (CBAPs) offering promotions and discounts available to ACCSC members.

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