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  •   This Tic Tac gun will make you fall in love with your favorite breath-freshening candy all over again! This fiendishly clever contraption will turn the Tic Tacs in your pocket into sugary ammo that’ll you’ll be able to fire a distance of approximately 10-15ft.

    Much better loading mechanism then any others out there. Funnels the tic tac's into the chamber, and WAY easier and more intuitive to install the tic tac container, and a quick release system now to change sizes of containers with ease! Also adds more color accents to the shooter.

    We modified the original file from EaziG to accept and work with a larger & stronger spring, so don't be fooled by imitators, these will launch Tic Tac's further then any other one out there. PLUS there's no pesky rubber bands on the outside, pulling on little plastic parts that could back fire, breaking off and getting slung back into the shooters face.

    Primary color is main outside of the TTG2 - Secondary color is the internals: the charge handle and the trigger. Custom color combos and Quantity discounts are available. Message us for details. We can even add custom logos or letting to them, but this must be discussed before ordering. Check out our available colors and sample images here

    YES WE ARE the shop that made and supplied the Tic Tac Guns to Dude Perfect! These
    Check out Dude Perfect and former NASA Engineer Mark Rober wielding the Tic Tac Gun from 3D Cubed Printing-
    Tic Tac Shooter review starts at 4:19 - I'll take 4 out of 5 votes, only bad vote was due to the flavor of the tic tac's.

    Check out our Etsy shop, we are constantly adding new things. We also offer very competitive rates for custom 3D Printing requests. One thing that sets us apart from other print shops is our dedication to quality. We run a fleet of 3D printers in house in order to make more time available for each order. We will never sacrifice quality for time.

    Due to the nature of 3D printing parts, some parts may contain minor defects. We strive for good quality control but sometimes defects are hidden under the surface. Please contact us if you think you have a defect with any of your printed items. May not be suitable for children due to function and the slight possibility of small parts breaking off. Please exercise caution using these in public, as the title says, it’s shaped like a firearm, don’t be crazy and point it at a cop or banker, it won’t end well for anyone. Do not point or shoot at any thing living.

    Not for small children, small parts are a potential choking hazard.

    3D Modeled by EaziG - Awesome work and Much Appreciated Gary!
    Modified and 3D Printed by 3D Cubed Printing LLC

    Tic Tac Shooter - Exclusive Loading Design! 1000+ Color Combos & Personalizable

    SKU: 1078264496
    Excluding Sales Tax
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