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  • Handmade
  • Materials: carbon fiber

  •   The Tall Straw Kit contains four reusable straws. The 20cm tall straws are perfect for your morning iced coffee, smoothie, or juice; your evening cocktail or soda, and so much more. These straws are lengthy enough for most everyday and portable tumblers and wide enough for your frozen refreshments.

    Each display box comes complete with 4 straws, 1 portable pouch, and 1 cleaning brush so you can sip on the go.

    Straw Details:
    Length: 7.9in | 20cm; Outer Diameter: 0.3in | 0.8cm

    High-performance carbon fiber
    Each straw is sealed with FDA-approved resin
    BPA free

    Care Instructions:
    Rinse before each use
    Hand wash only
    Dry before storing
    Do not microwave or boil
    Do not use in hot beverages
    Do not use if broken or chipped

    More LUSTIR Products:

    Carbon Fiber Reusable Drinking Straws Supporting Cleaner Oceans

    Lustir Carbon Fiber Drinking Straws are a reusable, functional, and attractive product created to help reduce plastic waste. Americans dispose of approximately 500 million plastic straws every day with most ending up in landfills or littering the environment and oceans. Lustir’s unique reusable carbon fiber drinking straw was created to help encourage people to forgo single-use plastic straws. Carbon fiber is a high-performance material most commonly known for its use in bicycles and exotic cars. Our product is completely sealed and uniquely BPA-free. Lustir is a carbon neutral company and is proud to donate 1% of sales to environmental cleanup.

    Carbon Fiber is a high-performance, lightweight, and strong material most commonly associated with exotic cars, motorcycles, airplanes, and bicycles. The textured pattern of the woven carbon fiber is noticeable and sleek.

    Reusable, portable straws are a concept that the general population needs to adapt to. As straws are losing their place in many establishments, Lustir wants to help people maintain the enjoyment of drinking beverages by encouraging people to bring their own drinking straws.

    There are plenty of existing plastic straw alternatives. None have a better combination of functionality, reusability, aesthetics, durability, and portability than Lustir. Additionally, carbon fiber has a soft touch to the teeth. Paper straws absorb liquid becoming flimsy. Metal straws conduct temperature. Glass straws are fragile. Having no straw at all is no fun.

    The product comes in two sizes – tall straws for highball glasses and short straws for lowball glasses. Each Kit comes with four straws, a cleaning brush, and a carrying pouch in a magnetic closure display box. These reusable straws are a statement piece that could be displayed on a home bar or utilized on the go with the pocket or purse-friendly bag included.

    Their price point and uniqueness make them a fabulous gift.

    Carbon Fiber Reusable Drinking Straws - Tall

    SKU: 766768463
    Excluding Sales Tax
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