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Wifi Lounge and Event Venue


making coffee great again!

Ammo-Can Coffee, LLC is an expression of everything that makes America great: Faith, Family, Freedom, Friends; and great tasting drinks and chow prepared just the way you want 'em.


For over 240 years American Patriots have fought to assure peace, security and liberty. Some of these patriots have been family, friends and neighbors. Today we honor their sacrifices through our unique brand, service and thanks.



Ammo-Can Coffee's Soldotna-based Headquarters includes a 2800 square-foot, patriotically-themed facility equipped with:

  • Espresso bar offering non-alcoholic beverage service and food

  • Multipurpose stage offering live-entertainment weekly

  • 4000 watt PA system and sound-mixer

  • Private conference room, complete with: 55" smart TV, video conferencing equipment,  dry-erase board, HD LCD projector and 80" screen 

  • 36 foot-long study-bar

  • Free high-speed Wifi service

  • Two intimately-staged lounge spaces

  • Seating for 60+, and banquet/meeting tables

Ammo-Can Coffee's Mobile-Command Center also deploys and contracts for engagements in forward operating areas including:

  • Private parties 

  • Professional conferences and training events 

  • Music festivals 

  • Craft bazaars and farmers markets 

  • Trade Shows

To inquire about booking the Mobile Command Center for your next engagement call us at (907)831-6003.


Anything but Ordinary 

Reload with Ammo-Can Coffee and Taste the Difference


For every American who has taken the oath to serve our nation and constitution; we tip our hats, say "Thank You," and offer card-carrying U.S. Armed Service Members, Veterans and First-Responders a discount on any beverage order.


George Washington said,

"A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition, to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government."  

In this spirit, Ammo-Can Coffee recognizes and thanks those who support the National Rifle Association, and those who chose to responsibly carry a firearm. To these folks we offer respective discounts any beverage we offer.

*All Patriot Discounts may be stacked for a grand total of $1.00 discount.

Ammo-Can Coffee believes, with your partnership we can assure a positive future for our nation through faith in God; and acquired-security through strength in family, friendships, arms and good coffee.


Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us. We hope to both see and hear from you soon!

Ammo-Can Coffee
Social Calendar:

Ammo-Can Coffee invites Artists, Authors and Musicians of all ages to present creative works in both public and private settings. Open Mic is offered weekly each Saturday starting at 7 PM. Pop-up galleries, artist receptions and book signings may be scheduled on request. Events are regularly posted on the Ammo-Can Coffee Facebook page. Call us to explore options for your ticketed event, promotional and fundraising ideas.

Ticketed and
Free Shows

Ammo-Can Coffee looks forward to welcoming you and your family. Pull up a seat, put your feet up and stay awhile!

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