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Thanks to intel provided by Sgt. D. Strong (Active Duty U.S. Army), and an extensive period of R&D conducted at our top-secret roasting installation,

Willie Pete White Roast© is here to stay.


Named after the white-phosphorus grenade, this unusual offering presents an unmistakable peanut-like aroma and flavor, a cloudy-yellow color reminiscent of

hefeweizen wheat-beer, and mild tea-like characteristics easily complemented by chocolate and fruit-flavored syrups. 


With the added bonus of low-acid, and higher amounts of caffeine and phyto-nutrients left intact by the short roast time; this  offering is bound to make a bang and leave a definite impression!     


NOTE: This product is not intended for use in drip-coffee makers and has not been tested in Keurig-style coffee machines. Due to the hardness of this product it has been pre-ground by our roasting partner. This product is best prepared using the steam-espresso method or steeped like tea.

“Willie Pete White Roast©” is certified Fair-Trade, Organic.

Willie Pete White Roast Coffee (GROUND BEAN)

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