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Thanks to intel provided by Sgt. D. Strong (Active Duty U.S. Army), and an extensive period of R&D conducted at our top-secret roasting installation,

Willie Pete White Roast© is here to stay.


Named after the white-phosphorus grenade, this unusual offering presents an unmistakable peanut-like aroma and flavor, a cloudy-yellow color reminiscent of

hefeweizen wheat-beer, and mild tea-like characteristics easily complemented by chocolate and fruit-flavored syrups. 


With the added bonus of low-acid, and higher amounts of caffeine and phyto-nutrients left intact by the short roast time; this  offering is bound to make a bang and leave a definite impression!     


NOTE: This product is not intended for use in drip-coffee makers and has not been tested in Keurig-style coffee machines. Due to the hardness of this product it has been pre-ground by our roasting partner. This product is best prepared using the steam-espresso method or steeped like tea.

“Willie Pete White Roast©” is certified Fair-Trade, Organic.

Willie Pete White Roast Coffee (GROUND BEAN)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Since we hold your health and safety in high esteem all food item purchases are non-returnable and non-refundable. If you are worried about quality of any products offered in our regular in-store menu, buy something, try it out, and then buy more if you like it.

  • Once you have placed an order for coffe we will contact you to finalize your order and collect shipping payment via phone. In order to garauntee freshness your order will be shipped direct from our roaster to your door via US Postal Service using the appropriately sized flat-rate box for your order.

    Flat rate box prices are designated as Priority Mail in the following sizes and prices:

    • Medium Box (11"x8.5"x5.5"): $16.10
    • Medium Box (14.125"x12"x3.5"): $16.10
    • Large Box (12.25"x12"x6"): $21.50
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