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  • Handmade
  • Materials: cotton, black, hoodie, long sleeve, hood

  •   Scan for Vaccine Card Unisex Crew shirt is also available in a Tanktop and Women's V-Neck version. If you scan the QR code under the text on the front of the shirt it will product a copy of the US Constitution on the phone or device that scans the code.

    Free Shipping is offered with this purchase.

    RSV Shirts has decided to give some education with this shirt. This is how it works.
    1 - Open your cellphones camera and view the QR code through your camera.
    2 - A link will pop up, click on that link and follow it.
    3 - The ♥ US Constitution ♥ appears.

    RSV Shirts enjoys making shirts that are eye catching and thought provoking. RSV Shirts has been making shirts for several years and offers a quality brand.

    ⭐ All of my shirts are Made in the USA. ⭐ They are made and shipped by me in the state of Washington. All of the products that I use to make my shirts are all American sourced products.

    All of these shirts are made to order. As soon as I receive the order I will make the order that evening or the next day depending on what time of day the order is made. I will then ship it out at the end of the business day in which it is made. So, most production and shipping occurs within 2 business days. However, I list 1 - 4 business days for processing time just to be on the safe side in case there are any delays. If there is a delay I will contact you and let you know of the status of your order. I will ship out the product through the US Post Office First Class Mail and the product should reach you within 3 days shipping time. It is being mailed out from Washington State so the closer you are the quicker you will receive the package. Free Shipping is being offered.

    If there is any questions or problems with your purchase please let me know and I will work with you to attempt to resolve any issues that may arise. I want to have all satisfied customers who are happy with the product that they have received.

    Shirts Styles, Sizing and Colors Offered

    All shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large, XLarge and XXLarge.

    Scan for Vaccine Card, QR Code, Mens Womens UniSex Shirt, Funny Shirt, QR Code

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